Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The butter milk experiment

By Aaliyah Brothers

Room 25 did an experiment about how to turn liquid into solid. How you make it is you need to have the right ingredients for the butter milk experiment. The ingredients are 300ml Meadow fresh cream and a Mason jar. This
experiment should only take 7 minutes and 51 seconds, and you need to have 14 people,good luck!!!

For my first step, you need to get the 300ml meadow fresh cream and pour it into the mason jar and shake it vigorously/hard and fast 14 people have to shake it 20 times and give it back to the person that stated and check it. If the butter milk is solid or not. Then move onto the next step.

The next step is, if the butter is solid then shake it again and go around in a circle again and when your shaking it you should hear something jiggly. when it ready you can make pancakes and put the butter milk on the pancakes.

For my final step, get a plate and cut the pancakes and put the butter milk on and the pancakes and eat them when I tasted them they were nice and hot.
That is how you make butter milk. Put them on the pancakes and eat them mmmmm!!!


{The Day of Science}
By Gurshaan Dhillon

It was a sunny Morning, Miss Vaotu’ua took the roll and then Leva came over and we did some Science and had a Science day!

The first experiment we did was Warming up the Bottle. We needed a balloon, Hot water, Bowl, Empty Bottle and Cold water. First we had to put the balloon over the Water bottle, after that we put the water bottle in the bowl with the hot water, vertically.
 Immediately the balloon started to inflate. How it happened you may ask, when we put the bottle in the bowl the hot water reacts and heats up the bottle which the steam, sneaks in and makes steam and that steam inflates the balloon.

Another experiment we did in Room 25 is the Carbon-Dioxide Balloon. We needed a Water bottle, Baking soda, Lemon Juice/Vinegar and a Paper Funnel. First we put the vinegar in the Water Bottle, after that we used the funnel to put the baking soda in. Then we quickly put the Balloon on the cap of the bottle, and it started to inflate. How it happened you may ask, the baking soda Reacted to the Vinegar with a Chemical-Reaction which made a gas called Carbon-Dioxide (CO.2) Which is a gas we breathe out and Carbon- Dioxide is the reason the balloon inflated.

Lets blast of to space with this awesome Experiment we did called the Water Bottle Rocket. We need a Water bottle and a pump. First we put the stand under the bottle to well create a stand then we, started pumping air in the bottle, a few seconds later the bottle blasted into the air, we Tried 3 Different Sized Bottles, the 2nd one was the best for me! How it happened you may ask, Pumping the air into the bottle created pressure which the bottle could not stand then it blasted off because of the Pressure.

Finally, the last experiment was Gloop, Gloop is a substance that can cause its molecules to go Solid-Liquid-Solid-Liquid Continuously. We needed Water and Corn Flour (Corn Starch), we had to mix the Corn Flour with the water Which will make then combine to make Gloop! After we mixed them we added some Food Colouring to add some Colour. How it happened you may ask, the Corn Starch did a chemical Reaction with the Water Which made Gloop.

All these Experiments were fun to do with leva and I hope, I hope we can do this again!